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Diamonds &Dorings ready for revelers

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Age defying...Sipho "Hotstix" Mabuse is leading the act at Diamonds & Dorings fest, Kimberley this weekend Age defying...Sipho "Hotstix" Mabuse is leading the act at Diamonds & Dorings fest, Kimberley this weekend

The highlight of the Diamond and Dorings Arts Festival will definitely be the jazz festival at the Galeshewe Sports Ground this weekend.

The line up can simply be described as the who’s who of various music genres.

Jazz features the like of Sipho "Hot-Stix" Mabuse, Siphokazi, trio- Paul Mtirara, Eddie Zondi and Wilson B. Nkosi, amongst others.

On the spinning discs front, Blackcoffee, Ismael Abraham and Amon Mokoena will do battle.

With the Gospel concert canceled and no explanation given, according to the organizers, HHP, Kabelo, Dr Malinga will ignite revelers during the youth concert.

Apart from the jazz festival, other activities that have been planned for the fête include a comedy show and other activities.

Now in its 11th year, the carnival is proving to be the main attraction in the province, which is renowned for tourists’ attractions such as the Big Hole, amongst other iconic destinations.

According to Jeff Madibeng from RBJ Marketing the event organizers, they’re expecting more than 18000 people, which they believe will boost the provincial economy.

"The fête is strategically planned for the Easter weekend, when most people from the province who work in other cities are back at home.

"The carnival becomes an ideal opportunity for families to reminisce during weekend-long planned activities in Kimberley," said Madibeng.

They promise an even bigger festival this year when performing artists and revellers will turn the sleepy city into an entertainment mecca.

"Diamonds and Dorings is an extravaganza of the performing arts that is ideally positioned to act as a joyous homecoming where the people of Northern Cape, both its citizens and performers from inside the region and from the four corners of South Africa, have the opportunity to unite - year after year - as a great and much extended "Northern Cape family", he said.

The age-defying Mabuse will have ladies drooling and screaming their lungs out for him.

The fest is hosted by the Sol Plaatje Municipality.

NC will never be the same after this weekend.  I bet my last hard earned rand!

Tickets are available from R25 to R50 at the gates.

For further information on venues hosting other events go to :www.solplaatje.org.za

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